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Philosophers of NG I need help finding a meaning to my story

Posted by Cruc1bl3 - May 25th, 2022

(This is not the story) Hello, this is about a short story I wrote up, but can't find a meaning for. Any interpretation is welcome as long as it's not directly hateful towards your fellow human. Be they any race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or religion. Please find a way to harmonize with your earthly kin

The story begins below


There were two mirrors standing alone in a field atop a small but sturdy hill. No one knows why they were there, who put there or why they did this. All that was known was that one was a bright white mirror, while the other to its parallel, directly opposing it was a dark, black mirror.

One summer day the sun was particularly bright and harsh. So as the midday approached, and the sun hit the black mirror. It then reflected itself onto its parallel, it was said that on that day the white mirror turned a deep black, shattering onto the ground below. Then only in that moment it the speed of a summer wind's blink the black mirror fell forwards, toward the once proud white mirror. Revealing it to be white on its backside, the only side the white mirror never saw.

Then with the flow of time as a summers soft breeze gives wat to the winding winds of the autumn did a small procession of travelers discover the hill. On once two mirrors once proudly stood, gave way only for grey dust, its tale was quickly understood by the travelers, who named this hill "The hill of the mirrors end." Then as time gave way to its mysterious methods. Two large castles were built.

There were two walls standing alone on a now flattened plain, where the former hill's former name would ring all too true as the walls went to war.



I'd reckon it's a metaphor for two people. One, the white mirror, is very open-hearted and trusting to everyone, but is very vulnerable to negativity from others, and is as such, shattered after it takes enough "blackness" from the other mirror. The other, the black mirror, is someone who comes across as cold and hostile, but only to try to protect their inner vulnerability and insecurity. So when things become difficult for these two people (the hot sun), the black mirror person did something unkind and emotionally destroyed the other person. But seeing that they had done this, they themselves were devastated, because they really did care about the other person. This could have been the breaking point of a troubled friendship or even a relationship. Over time, they put up emotional barriers against each other, no longer caring for each other, and became more enemies than friends. It's a story of a lost emotional bond.

Does it have to have a meaning, though? You can certainly write an interesting story just because you enjoy the art itself, without having to make a point. I do like what I perceive as the meaning, but I find that the best way to create meaning in a story is to let it grow organically.

Thanks a lot. I can tell you're pretty well studied at this kinda thing. I did certainly enjoy the writing of the story, but I felt there was a meaning there, maybe one I couldn't find through a single thought process. I guess I just needed an outside perspective, as to not become accidentally locked into having a single, solitary message that could deter anyone from drawing their own meaning. I wanted the reader to see if they could find the best message that can help them out of an emotional trench, through a no man's land of negativity, into a brighter, better feeling. I guess I couldn't find a meaning because the meaning was to find your own.